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Preliminary Insights: From Emotional Void to Material Cravings – Exploring the Reliance on Material Comforts

Preliminary Insights: From Emotional Void to Material Cravings – Exploring the Reliance on Material Comforts As I embark on the creation of a podcast series centered around the intricate theme of narcissism, a thought-provoking observation has emerged. It becomes apparent that a significant number of individuals, within the context of their emotional struggles, display a …

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Anger and Aggression: Another Cause of Depression

In my earlier articles, I state that there are many different causes of and pathways to depression. This commentary focuses on the role anger and aggression play in keeping the depressed mental state alive (i.e., allowing it to persist). It puts particular emphasis on a few ways anger and aggression directly impact one’s mood.

Why Couples Fight

In an earlier article, I proposed––and demonstrated with a clinical example––that difficulties with reflection impact the way couples communicate (click here to read that article). In the present article, I expand upon this idea and posit that couples often fight because they have unconscious beliefs and indifference that shape their emotions and experiences and lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Anger, Aggression, and the Abusive Personality: A Sense of Entitlement

In this commentary, I explore warning signs of an abusive personality. I first examine some causes of abusive behavior, then I attempt to address a common question I hear in my practice: “Do you think I am an abuser?” With a few clinical examples, I hope to demonstrate how and why an individual turns to aggression and abuse.

Anxiety and Panic: One Cause and a Treatment Approach

The goal of this commentary is to provide you with a better understanding of potential causes of anxiety and panic attacks. While the origins of these disorders are complex and often arise from multiple causes, I will focus on the role of separation and loss for the purposes of this article. More information on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder, can be found here.

How Does Psychotherapy Work and What Leads to Lasting Change?

From time to time the question will arise, how does psychotherapy work, or, how is therapy going to help me? The goal of this brief commentary is to look at two quotes that nicely capture, in my opinion, that which leads to symptom improvement. I will attempt to integrate these two quotes into my way of thinking about the mutative process.

What is Causing My Depression: A General Overview on Causation and Treatment

The goal of this brief commentary is to provide you with a slightly different understanding of depression, a perspective that you may not necessarily find in your usual internet search. It is important to put my bias up front, I am a trained psychoanalyst, so the perspective I take is solely psychodynamic and is built upon my educational background and years of clinical experience.

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