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I felt really good after the session with Dr. Mazzella . It gives me HOPE because my partner seems genuinely interested in talking about everything with him, so that alone is promising. He seemed a lot more open to listening to other perspectives from Dr. Mazzella about the various difficult situations we have had going on. He is encouraging my partner to be curious and to consider reasonable alternatives to the otherwise nefarious behaviors that I am supposedly guilty of. I had tried that before unsuccessfully but thanks to Dr. Mazzella's process my partner is starting to open himself up enough to be curious. We are definitely in a much better place than we were weeks ago. I'm looking forward to future sessions with Dr. Mazzella.
Geraldine Mara
I’d like to share an update with my interaction with Dr. Mazzella I recently ran into Dr. Mazzella for the second time working in his office. He recognized me and asked me how my daughter was doing and had I made progress communicating with her with the tools he talk to me about. That showed me that Dr. Mazzella has a true passion for helping his clients and a genuine concern about my daughters well-being. Although my daughter is still struggling, the tools, I learned from Dr. Mazzella has given me a path to better communication with my daughter. I am grateful! I also informed him that I’ve been listening to his podcasts and I’m learning a lot about how to communicate with people in my personal and professional life. Just a simple task learned, to pause, to listen and not react immediately without taking in the situation . My experience with Dr. Mazzella although brief has helped me tremendously! Titan Security
Dr. Mazzella is easy to talk to, professional, and kind. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and his YouTube channel is absolutely worth checking out!
Jason Ackerman
Thank you Dr. Mazzela after the first month of having sessions with him we have figured out what really my issue was and how to address them. His unique and customized approach towards my specific needs, are having a positive impact in my life, so thank you, Dr Mazzella
Lore P
Dr.Mazzella has a unique ability to make you feel comfortable and he is an incredible listener ! You help me figure out my issues and came up with the strategy with the tailor-made approach to my specific needs, which showing positive changes in my life. I am very impressed by his professionalism and last knowledge in his profession. Very few doctors actually have this level of sincerity And willingness to genuinely help you. I highly recommend Dr. Mazzella !!!
Backbar Salon System Hair Care
Using Dr. Mazzella's methods has transformed my husband and me to where our interactions are more positive. This past weekend, there were several instances where he and I approached triggering topics and situations, but we did not spiral into our old patterns; we got curious and used Dr. Mazzella's methods instead, and it worked! We did not have arguments like many past weekends. My husband is communicating feelings to me that he's having throughout his day much more often and much more deeply than before. (This has heretofore been a problem to get him to express anything at all to me.) He has also been talking about his previous tumultuous relationships, a sensitive topic he's been too upset about to discuss much until now. In short, we've been getting along better, which obviously makes for a more stable environment, regardless of whether a couple is working toward separation or reconciliation.
Holly Montgomery
Dr. Mazzella's therapy is unique because he tailors it to each person's specific needs. He takes the time to understand your struggles and goals. Then, he works with you patiently to create a personalized treatment plan that is both achievable and empowering. Unlike other approaches, Dr. Mazzella's method is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which made all the difference for me. Dr. Anthony Mazzella has over 20 years of clinical experience. He specializes in psychodynamic therapy, which emphasizes the exploration of past and present experiences to gain insight into current behaviors and relationships. Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr. Mazzella's passion for mental health awareness and education truly shines through. If you haven't already, check out his YouTube channel - "The Narcissism Decoder" - this makes him not just a therapist but an agent of positive change in the community. Without a doubt, Dr. Mazzella deserves the highest praise. If you're seeking a therapist who truly sees you, meets you where you are, and walks alongside you on your path to healing, look no further. He's a 5-star experience in every way imaginable.
Artie Goldman
Dr. Mazzella is a great listener and is highly knowledgeable in his area of expertise. Dr. Mazella made me feel comfortable and safe to express my concerns and inner most thoughts. He was kind and thoughtful in assisting me with the struggles I have been facing. I highly recommend Dr. Mazzella.
gilit ullmann
Dr. Mazzella is amazing! Truly cares for those who visit the practice.
Madison Millis
Dr. Mazzella is a wonderful, compassionate, and caring provider!
Alex Lindeman

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