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Meet Anthony Mazzella, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst in New York City with close to 20 years of experience.

Anthony Mazzella, Ph.D., is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He is a training analyst and full member at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training & Research (IPTAR), as well as being a current member of The International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA). Membership in the IPA is restricted to psychoanalysts who fulfill the most rigorous and recognized international standards for psychoanalytic training in the world. Dr. Mazzella is both a Fellow of the IPA and at IPTAR. Dr. Mazzella is on faculty and is a supervisor at IPTAR and the Metropolitan Institute for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (MITPP). 

"My mission is to build a trusting relationship that will allow you to gain insight into your inner life and behaviors so you can make more deliberate choices and therefore lead a more fulfilling life..."

- Dr. Mazzella

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What is Depression: Understanding Narcissistic Deflation

Introduction: Depression or Narcissistic Deflation? In my exploration of mental health complexities, I’ve encountered a phenomenon often obscured by the shadow of depression: narcissistic deflation. Let me delve into this intricate concept, shedding light on its subtle nuances and the potential misdiagnoses that can occur when it goes unnoticed. Undetected Narcissistic Deflation I’ve come to […]

The Need for Conflict: The Psychology Behind Chaos and Conflict

Introduction: Chaos and conflict, intriguingly interwoven in the fabric of certain individuals’ lives, often characterize those with narcissistic tendencies. In this exploration, I aim to unravel the intricacies surrounding the manifestations of disruptive behavior, delve into the psychological motivations driving individuals into chaotic patterns, and present strategies to transition towards stability Manifestations of Chaos in […]

Navigating the Transformative Journey: Unraveling the Power of Verbal Thought in Narcissistic Treatment

The attainment of verbal thought can be a tumultuous milestone for individuals undergoing narcissistic treatment. From the patient’s perspective, it often intertwines with the painful emotions of loss, shame, humiliation, and depression. As a therapist, my focus lies in preventing the patient from retreating at these crucial moments when they grapple with the realization of […]

The Narcissist’s Fear of Dependency: Unraveling the Roots of Relational Reluctance

Narcissists, driven by an underlying fear of dependency, recoil from the notion of relying on others. The prospect of dependence implies an acknowledgment of the value of the other person, coupled with an anticipation of inevitable frustrations and their consequences. This fear is deeply rooted in early childhood experiences, where disappointments and absences can create […]

Unmasking and Treating Narcissistic Omnipotent Relating

In the world of relationships, the pursuit of an ideal connection can lead to a toxic cycle of blame and resentment. In narcissistic omnipotent relating, the refusal to understand deviations from expectations results in harsh recrimination and a sense of betrayal, hindering genuine growth. Helping someone break free from the chains of idealization – infatuation, […]

The Complex Patterns of Toxic Relationships

What lies beneath the patterns of destructive narcissistic relationships? The answer lies in the origins of omnipotent fantasies developed in childhood, triggered by abrupt separations or early abusive relationships. As narcissistic individuals long for ideal connections, the awareness of dependency surfaces, bringing pain, anxiety, and the threat of reigniting a repetition of early abusive relating. […]


The Narcissism Decoder Podcast

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Read what our listeners are saying

Self-help has been a little misleading before finding your podcast… I'm going back and starting your Spotify podcast again from the beginning to listen to the whole thing again…

I've had years of talk therapy, EMDR, CBT, DBT, and deep meditation programs and …NONE has "worked" for improving my interpersonal relationships as much as listening to and following your advice…

I wish I'd had access to your information LONG ago; listening to your podcast yesterday was somewhat transformative for me.

I am so very grateful that you exist on this earth, Dr. Mazzella, and that you have somehow found these ways of helping suffering people.

I am so very grateful for your recent videos on youtube- the information and insight you give is fascinating and transformative.

Listening to your podcasts has helped me to understand some problems within ME and my own personality. For example, I was listening to your recent episode on anger, hatred, and rage when I realized that I myself am plagued with symptoms of hate and rage. For some reason I'm able to take your approach and be open- minded about applying the concepts to my own behaviors that match your descriptions as well as applying them to what I see in my husband's.

You're being so helpful to me; thank you! I took your questions and went back through my journal & wrote out the answers to your questions pertaining to specific conflicts, and that is helping me ….

Dr. Mazzella, you are a rare gem of a psychotherapist. You are one of very few authentic professionals on YouTube who isn't afraid to tell it like it is ...

Your balanced perspectives are exactly what people need to hear, so they can open their minds and challenge their thoughts, strong beliefs, perspectives, and actions.

Your content is so valuable to me and others. I've shared your YT channel to 2 friends so far that I think would benefit. …Honestly, I think everyone could benefit from your extensive knowledge on these issues!

Why Choose Dr. Mazzella?

Dr. Mazzella is an NYC-based psychotherapist and psychoanalyst with over 20 years of clinical experience. He trained at the renowned Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) with continued involvement with the organization to this day. He believes psychodynamic therapy to be an essential component of psychological work, benefiting individuals from all walks of life.

Dr. Mazzella believes that psychodynamic psychotherapy is effective for those dealing with overwhelming emotions. One of the benefits of his approach is that it helps to create a safe and trusting relationship, which is particularly helpful for learning new coping skills and strategies to manage your problems. By exploring your thoughts and feelings, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what might be causing your problems. As you work through these emotions in a supported environment, you'll feel more able to tackle them on your own.

Dr. Mazzella works with a wide range of individuals (e.g., adolescents, adults, and couples) to address a variety of emotional difficulties, such as interpersonal problems, self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Dr. Mazzella's approach focuses on insight-oriented psychodynamic therapy, emphasizing exploration of past and present experiences. For a deeper understanding of how Dr. Mazzella thinks about psychology and works with his patients, please click on any of his latest articles below.

If you're looking for a compassionate and skilled therapist to help you navigate life's challenges, please contact Dr. Anthony Mazzella. His years of experience and superb training have equipped him to be a leading psychotherapist and psychoanalyst.

Please click here to get in contact with Dr. Mazzella and see how his practice may benefit you.









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