I’ve never had psychotherapy before but I’d been curious after researching it. I found Dr. Mazzella to be open and forthright in an incredibly reliving way. He listens very carefully to the things I say, how I say them and where I need to explore. He lets me speak what’s on my mind and mostly encourages me to continue my thoughts and hypotheses. In each session he will astutely call me back to a pattern he recognised or a behaviour that needed reflection. This leaves me with just enough to think about and process between our sessions for us to debrief the next time. I’m three sessions in and I’m looking forward to the journey!
Jan 19, 2021, ZocDoc
Dr. Mazzella engaged me in a way to made me feel completely at ease. What I appreciated most was the feeling I got from Dr. Mazzella, a feeling that he deeply cares. Early in the treatment I had a crisis that left me feeling flooded and overwhelmed with painful feelings. I called him and he was immediately responsive, found me an extra appointment that evening, and showed me that I could rely on him in times of need. I would not consider another therapist and have been with him now for 2 years.
>1 year ago,  ZocDoc

I’ve only had one intake session with Anthony but I already think he’s awesome. I showed up a little early and he was ready to talk to me right away. He has a very calm, approachable manner which made me feel totally at ease with him. He’s also a really good listener and was able to clearly recall details I had told him with total preciseness. Even though we’ve only had one intake session he’s already been very proactive about creating a treatment plan for my specific set of issues and my schedule. Needless to say I’m looking forward to continuing treatment with him.

Jan 12, 2018, ZocDoc
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