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Continuing Education Courses

Anthony Mazzella, P.h.D., LCSW, SW, CPE is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #0211.

Each of Dr. Mazzella’s on-site programs and workshops are from a psychodynamic theoretical perspective. All the training courses Dr. Mazzella has developed, from the shorter training courses to those that run over longer periods, are designed to provide not only the best possible instruction, but also to give each person the structure and support they need to use the model of treatment that is under discussion.
The workshops mentioned below are conducted in a small and safe environment in order to allow each person the freedom to ask questions and maximize their learning experience.
The on-site programs are offered at your organization and are custom designed to meet the needs of your staff.


On-Site Programs

WORKSHOP & PROGRAM TITLES: Self-Sabotage and Self-Injury: A Theoretical & Clinical Perspective (click here for more information)
The Challenging Nonadherent Patient: Theoretical and Clinical Considerations (click here for more information)
Working with the Depressed Aging Population: Theoretical and Clinical Considerations (click here for more information)
The Challenging Nonadherent Child and Adolescent: Theoretical and Clinical Considerations (click here for more information)
SUBJECT: These programs are designed to offer a theoretical framework and clinical techniques to social workers, psychotherapists and health care professionals with patients who are struggling with depression and/or to adhere to some aspect of the treatment recommendation and frame.
CE CREDITS: 1 to 2
COST: $400 to $500 for an unlimited number of staff to attend.



PROGRAM TITLE: Treatment of Narcissistic and Severe Personality Disorders: Theoretical and Clinical Contributions
SUBJECT: The main goal of this seminar is to apply a theoretical framework to your direct clinical work with patients with severe personality disorders.
DESCRIPTION: This is an opportunity to get assistance with some of your most challenging patients. The goal of this seminar is to increase the therapist’s theoretical knowledge base and assist with techniques and interventions when working with challenging patients. Initially, seminar participants will learn how to assess and identify the characteristics of the patient’s personality disorder. Once a formulation is made and understood from a theoretical and conceptual framework, the group leader will demonstrate how to translate this into specific therapy techniques.Seminar participants will read one article or one book chapter per week. Some of the most prominent theories and seminal work on severe personality disorders will be reviewed, such as an object relations perspective on narcissistic personality disorders, ego psychology, and developmental theory including the early mother-child relationship. Clinical examples will help guide the group through selected literature.
COST: $200
DATE & TIME: This seminar meets for six consecutive weeks – please contact Dr. Mazzella for details.
LOCATION: 1651 THIRD AVENUE (Between 92nd and 93rd) NEW YORK, NY 10128
QUESTIONS: If you would like more information, please contact me.
NOTES: Please include a brief description of your interest, availability and contact information.



Cancellations and Refunds:  A full refund will be offered up to two weeks prior to the date of the seminar. One week prior cancellation will result in a 50% refund.

Please make checks payable and mail to:  

Anthony Mazzella, Ph.D.
1651 3RD Ave., Suite 205
New York City, NY 10128